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One Stop Business Finance provides secured loans for our SME clients. So long as you are a limited company and you are able to offer security for your debts, we can almost certainly work with you to find the best solution for your particular circumstances. We take our clients through a process to identify the most suitable and cost effective solution ensuring that at all times responsible lending is at the heart of what we do. And because of our no nonsense and straight forward approach, we will do it quickly too. Our finance brokerage caters for medium to long term requirements, where we have access to numerous finance providers through our network of business partners. If your requirement is short term (less than 18 months) or requires a flexible and/or creative solution then we will lend to you from our own funds.



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We do not charge for the upfront service to identify the optimum solution, preferring to make our income solely based on success from the results we deliver to our clients. And in the event that we use a third party provider, we guarantee that our clients will not pay a penny more if they had approached them directly.


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