About Us

A Bit About Us

Based at our offices in rural East Yorkshire, One Stop Business Finance Limited was established to provide SME  businesses with access to funding lines when their incumbent bank can’t or won’t do a deal. Our clients typically turn over up to £25m per annum and are looking for alternative ways of financing their business. In most cases we tend to deal with The Chief Executive/Managing Director and/or the Finance Director/Financial Controller in our clients business.

Whatever it is that your bank manager can’t support we will probably have a solution. And to prove that we don’t have an axe to grind with the banks, if we know another mainstream lender who will support you, we will happily point our clients to a new bank manager if that is the best option.

Our services extend far beyond providing business finance solutions and that is why we legitimately call ourselves One Stop Business Finance. We have an exceptional track record of selling businesses and we have business partners who provide specialist insolvency and tax advice of the highest quality.

In the unusual event that the required solution is extremely complex, or where the client simply does not have the expertise within their organisation, we are the only lender in the UK who will provide a part time finance director to work with the client’s management team on a short term basis to identify the best solution to the problem.

Lending From Our Own Funds

Because of the stringent lending criteria applied by the mainstream lenders, we have built our own funding capability which ensures a unique and flexible offering to our clients. Whilst this may sometimes be more expensive, it is always tailor made precisely to client requirements. So long as we have a clear exit, a positive story, the loan is responsible, fully secured and backed by personal guarantee we will provide flexible solutions, make quick decisions and lend over a period of up to 24 months with a minimum value of £40,000.

What we do?


Initially, we provide a free of charge service which allows us to work with clients to identify the best business finance solution for their own situation. Having helped the client develop the options, we then source the finance product which best suits their business.


Our flexible approach to business finance means that we can access almost every possible type of finance that an SME could ever need which allows us to deliver bespoke solutions to our clients extremely quickly.

We Do More

In every respect we do more for our clients. We will only charge them when we have successfully delivered them the optimum financial solution. And with the ability to lend from our own funds we can offer loans that our competitors can only dream about.

How Much Do You Want To Borrow?