We are always looking for more funders because we have been extremely successful in finding demand for our short term, flexible and bespoke lending from our own funds. This funding is backed by an ever increasing number of individuals who are split into two types.

Individuals who receive a fixed annual interest rate of 8% or 10% on their funds.

We have a number of private individuals who have lent between £2,500 and £250,000 to One Stop Business Finance in return for a guaranteed return of 8% per annum. These monies are placed in a portfolio of transactions through our managed fund, whose individual transaction value is currently at a maximum of £125k. No single transaction has a loan to value of more than 65% and the current average across the whole portfolio stands at only 34%. This together with a history of zero bad debt, gives our funders maximum confidence in our fully secured lending model. For convenience to the funder and ease of administration for OSBF, the 8% managed fund individuals are not involved in the lending decision. Our typical funders are frustrated by the low interest rates received on his/her savings, increasing bad debt experience with peer to peer lenders and an increasingly volatile stock market. In all cases the loans are fully secured and backed by both company debenture and personal guarantees as a minimum. In simple terms, this means that you will get a better return compared with peer to peer lenders and our transactions are more robustly secured. Unlike the wealth management sector, we do not charge our individual funders any fees for lending or withdrawing their funds. For funders with more than £250k to lend, we pay an increased interest rate of 10% per annum. To arrange a face to face meeting or a personal phone call, so that you can understand the funding process in detail, please contact us at

High Net Worth Individuals who receive an interest rate of at least 12% on their funds loaned.

We have a number of high net worth individuals who have significant available funds in excess of £250k who are approached when larger transactions are undertaken. These individuals will operate individually or collectively to fund six and seven figure deals and will already have at least £250k in the 10% managed fund.In all cases the loans are backed by both company debenture and personal guarantees as a minimum and the individuals are fully and directly involved in the lending decision. There may also be the opportunity on occasion to take an equity stake, particularly in respect of our residential lending proposition. To arrange a meeting, to discuss becoming one of our high net worth individuals, please contact us at

To be entirely clear, whilst we have a zero bad debt history, there is a capital risk with this type of lending.

If you would like to learn more about becoming one of our individual funders, please get in touch by e-mail at or call the office on 01757 289885.


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